Danny and Gia Allen

No Tilt Poker Tables started out simply from my passion for poker and wanting to have a poker table my friends and family would envy and enjoy playing on!

My passion for poker started from early childhood where I would play with my father and brothers for pennies, nickels and the occasional quarter. Over the years poker became more than a card game to me and the fundamentals of the game are what really drew me in. Having to read body language, watch the checks and bets, hitting the flop, chasing down that river and of course the thrill of winning!

I would have friends over to play out in the garage and I am the type of person that likes to have great presentation. It’s safe to say a regular foldout card table wasn’t going to cut it.

I ventured out looking for a great quality, affordable poker table and came up empty handed. Either they weren’t good enough or they were too darn expensive and we had a fresh mouth to feed with my son Coopers arrival!

Little did I know I had the answer in my hands….and some power tools. I took to learning woodworking and created a poker table just the way I wanted it.

So with my wife’s blessing, a little elbow grease and not breaking the bank I built my first poker table. It was a huge hit with my friends and family. My buddy Mike asked me if id build him one and No Tilt Poker Tables was born and here we are 8 years later and over 300 custom orders fulfilled all done from our garage.

Whether you’re a novice or a professional, No Tilt Poker Tables offers exactly what you are looking for.

We use top quality materials that allow plenty of use and lots of comfortability. These are tables that are built for poker players BY poker players.

We are family owned and operated and we are so grateful to be able to grow our business and offer affordable, handcrafted, custom poker tables to you and your family!

Your game is about to change!

Call or message us today to get started on the poker table of your dreams!